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Space balloons

Would you like to travel to space if you had the chance? In 2024, space balloons may take you part of the way to your destination.

Almost half of all Americans believe that traveling into space through space balloons is a dream come true. The other ...
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SpaceX’s, the crew-4 mission

The international crew of astronauts just sent to the space station is the fourth commercial crew rotation mission. Using SpaceX's ...
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SpaceX Celebrates The launch Of Ax-1 Mission to the International Space Station

With the private Ax-1 mission to the ISS, a new milestone in the new era of commercial space flight was ...
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Hi! I’m the founder of SPACETOURISMO 👋🏻

I founded Spacetourismo To keep you updated on Space Tourism news and share our knowledge and Space Travels and to help others learn about and experience the night sky. I hope you find resources here to help you do just that.

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