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How to Invest in SpaceX: is there a way?

Investing in SpaceX stocks has lately been something like “a talk of the town” in the circles of investors whether they represent big or small portfolios. Tesla’s stock, the other company of Elon Musk, has known a significant appreciation since its appearance in the stock market. It is therefore pretty understandable why buying a share in Musk’s ambitious and more promising creation, has gathered so much interest worldwide. However, is it possible to become a shareholder of this space tourism firm and consequently derive a part of its expected profits considering that it hasn’t yet entered the stock exchange (not an IPO)?

Well, there is a way. A more indirect way though. The how-to is what you will learn here, in this article, if you keep on reading.

Becoming a SpaceX investor indirectly

Space Exploration Technologies Corp. (the full name of SpaceX) is not a publicly listed company. It still remains private. So you won’t find anywhere shares of it because no public offering has occurred yet. So, how can you invest in SpaceX? The only way to be “a part of the game” is if you invest in other businesses that collaborate with Musk’s pioneering aerospace tour venture (and are already publicly listed) or in companies that already own a part of SpaceX (some public entities, and many private equity firms). Let’s expand a little further.

Companies that have an interest in SpaceX

If you can afford to buy a bunch of stakes in the following companies, you get a little closer to becoming a SpaceX shareholder.

•    Alphabet

Alphabet is the parent company of Google that has up to now put more than $10 billion into SpaceX. So, owning Alphabet stocks (GOOG) offers you the opportunity to approach Elon’s venture until its IPO day is announced. That is of course if Alphabet doesn’t liquidate its share till then.

•    Bank of America

Bank of America Cooperation (BAC) is the well-known investment bank with its headquarters in North Carolina, USA, and worth of around $270 billion. With more than $250 million invested in SpaceX, the Bank’s share today is estimated to have reached $1 billion. 

•    Baillie Gifford Trusts

The investment management firm Baillie Gifford which is based in the premises of Edinburgh, Scotland, has already gotten hold of SpaceX stocks and has created two trusts that permit potential investors to become SpaceX shareholders indirectly. You will find these trusts’ shares trading on the London Stock Exchange. The first one is called Scottish Mortgage Investment Trust and the second one is Baillie Gifford US Growth Trust investment trust having exposure to SpaceX that reaches 0,8% and 1,6% respectively.

  • Venture Capital Funds

Venture capital funds also hold stakes in SpaceX. Founders Fund, Gigafund, and Valor Equity Partners are the ones worth mentioning. Investing in venture capital funds has been quite a challenge for retail investors since it was accessible only to investment banks and private wealth management companies. However, over the years, and especially due to the development of crowdfunding platforms it has become approachable for all levels of investors.

Tip: Keep in mind that all of the above entities don’t only have shares in SpaceX and that their stakes’ performance can fluctuate for many reasons. 

Other potential investing solutions

Another option you have for investing in SpaceX is to put your money into other space travel firms or companies that could be collaborators of SpaceX (e.g. suppliers) shortly.

•    Companies that are involved in spaceflight technology

Similar aerospace firms, airline companies, or even army-involved entities can offer you an alternative to investing in SpaceX. Boeing (BA) for one thing, is one of them. Other examples of this kind are Lockheed Martin Corporation ( ), Raytheon Technologies Corporation ( ), and Virgin Galactic Holdings, Inc (NYSE: SPCE).

•    Collaborators of SpaceX

Companies that may be partners or suppliers of Elon Musk’s venture can also be an option. Garmin Ltd and Iridium Communications can therefore have a place in your portfolio.

•    Space Funds

Another alternative to investing in SpaceX is to invest in a mutual fund or ETF that is targeted at the aerospace industry. These financial products allow you to buy stakes in a single fund to which many other stakes belong. In a nutshell, you get to buy a mixture of several companies’ shares with one move. Something that increases the diversification of your portfolio on one side and decreases your risk on the other. So, if one or two companies don’t perform well you don’t get to lose all your money. Direxion Daily Aerospace and Defense Bull 3X Shares (DFEN), iShares U.S. Aerospace & Defense ETF (ITA), and SPDR S&P Aerospace & Defense ETF are three good examples of ETFs.

Why invest in SpaceX

In March 2020, Morgan Stanley issued a research note on SpaceX’s value. The research estimated its worth at $52 million. Almost two years later the company seemed to enjoy a valuation close to $100 billion. Regarding the firm belonging to the so-called future-oriented group of companies whose stocks have shown a rather good performance since the period of February—March 2020 when the market went down, it can a beneficial investment move.

The benefits of buying SpaceX stock

Here are the most important pros of the “move”:

  • The substantial potential of growth expected for the spaceflight and communications sectors
  • The early success of Starship and Starlink ventures
  • SpaceX undoubtedly is considered to be a pioneer as far as raising capital from external sources is concerned.

Bottom line

Whatever way you choose to invest in SpaceX (currently indirectly) there is one thing you should bear in mind: and that is that your move comes with a risk – as it happens with every investment. So, look first at how much you can afford for investing, and do some thorough research on the companies/funds, trusts, etc, you consider putting your money into. You can also consider consulting a financial advisor. On the other hand, you could also wait for the grand IPO day to become a genuine SpaceX investor.

You get to choose that.

Vivi Kontou

Vivi Kontou is an author at After studying Economics and Regional Development at Panteion University in Athens, Greece, and gaining her Master's Degree in European Studies at the Athens University of Economics and Business she has been working for the Public Sector and has been an advisor to Ministers and Members of the Greek Parliament. Lately, she has also been working as a copywriter supporting with her work the readership of many Greek and English websites. Being an economist and a space travel enthusiast she joined to raise awareness about the aspects of this emerging economic field and its multilateral impact on society. She lives in Athens and in her spare time, Vivi enjoys working out and investing in self-development tools like coaching while hoping to visit to space someday.

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