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Orbit Tourism

I think we can all agree that space tourism excites and creates enthusiasm, but is space tourism expensive? Many people naturally assume space tourism will…
Reaching to the stars is a dream come true for the vast majority of people. Dennis Tito became the first American to walk on the…
Although we have been living in the Space Age for more than 50 years, traveling into space is still a rare thing. Only about 600…
No one is sure how rocket launches and re-entering space rubbish affect the Earth's atmosphere, but that could change shortly. Above the weather. Other than…
A trip into space is still extremely rare, even though we've lived in the Space Age for more than 50 years. Around 600 people have…
In recent years, spaceflight has ceased to be strictly scientific in nature and has become commercial. Important private companies have started an interesting race to…
After two decades of constant advancements and new developments, the space tourism industry has taken its first steps with respect to commercial or private flights.…
Space tourism has been in development for approximately 20 years, and recently we have been able to witness its first successful flights. Now that space…
Space tourism is a hot topic among many people in the world. However, criticism of space tourism has been growing amongst green campaigners and politicians…

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