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Criticism on space tourism

Space Tourism industry has been criticized heavily because ticket prices Space Tourism industry has been criticized heavily because ticket prices

Space tourism is a hot topic among many people in the world. However, criticism of space tourism has been growing amongst green campaigners and politicians in local and national governments. "We have to be honest," said John Sauven, executive director of Greenpeace UK, "this is not going to help us tackle climate change".

Should Space Tourism Be Part Of Our Future?

A handful of billionaire-backed companies are proving that space tourism could be part our future, but some critics say these resources would be better directed towards solving problems on Earth today. "We need some of the greatest brains and minds in world determined to try fixing this planet not thinking about where their next adventure takes them," Prince William said in summarizing less generous attitudes toward ambitious people watching an unfolding race for new destinations with tourist dollars at stake.

Should Space Travel Be A Priority?

Not everyone is celebrating the recent developments in space exploration. Ryan Katz-Rosene, associate professor at The School of Political Studies and Director for Academic Affairs with University Ottawa said: "I don't think we should be putting so much focus on private space travel."

"It's just another example that shows us how disconnected from reality our priorities can become when they're not rooted deeply enough within an understanding about sustainability challenges," he continued.   He then added a warning; It could be argued many people would agree wholeheartedly if you asked them what their number one priority was - but I suspect support would be considerably less if there was a possibility that human beings could end up becoming extinct through some technological catastrophe.

One scientist predicts that having more people view Earth from above will result in a greater mobilization of "resources and talents" to protect the planet, while another says the astronaut experience has left them with renewed appreciation for their own environment.

Yet Philip Metzger at University Central Florida says this type of space tourism could end up helping solve problems back home so astronauts are not always needed on interplanetary trips or journeys through deep space.  They might instead visit planets within our Solar System - like Mars - where water exists below ground level.

The Main Criticisms Of Space Tourism

Space tourism was initially a concept filled with hope;  one focused on increasing access for ordinary citizens to visit space. However,  the modern industry has been criticized heavily because ticket prices range from $200k-$250K; with some seats going up even higher at auction.  This has happened when they're available  by invitation-only, or via charity organization,  such as Blue Origin's recent sale of just 28 million dollars' worth that allowed someone else into their private sector rocket ride. From 2020 there has been over 20 different companies offering trips beyond low Earth orbit but this form - which began promisingly enough in its early stages - now takes an ugly turn: it becomes clear exactly who can afford these flights since most people don’t have $800,000 just  lying around!

Space exploration is expensive because only a few people can fly at once. "If you want to bring prices down from $250,000 per flight hour," says Ron Epstein an aerospace analyst with Bank OfAmerica,  “you need far more bodies." But it might take decades before companies are able to make this option economically viable due to the high cost of fuel which prevents them from spreading their costs over many customers as airlines do now. The reason why spaceflight remains so costly despite being cheaper than automotive travel isn't just about pricing - there's also safety concerns that come into play when rocketing off into orbit or beyond Earth’s atmosphere without protection against the possibility of hazardous debris impacts.

Another common criticism is that the funds spent on space exploration might be better allocated to solving problems here on Earth. Alan Ladwig, author of "See You in Orbit? Our Dream of Spaceflight", says this commentary isn't without basis or precedent - people have been saying it since before the existence of NASA. But he also notes there's a sense in which these arguments never really go away - no matter what happens with your average person going up for vacation (or business), they're still likely to say something like: Why pay all those scientists when their work doesn't affect me directly?"

As we’ve seen from disasters like Columbia and Challenger, space travel isn’t without risk. Still, even if it's not available for everyone right now because of those risks or price tags that can exceed $250,000 per person - there are still reasons to be excited about the future of private commercial space flight as more companies invest in this industry.

Keep following this blog on why space tourism is important so you can stay up-to-date on what makes this sector both exciting and controversial!


Sources:  Worldrepublicnews.com Cbc.ca Science.howstuffworks.com Thequint.com


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Last modified on Tuesday, 02 November 2021 21:10

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