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7 Best Places for Space Tourism Experience around the World

The 7 best places for space tourism experience are discussed in detail as follows;

Space Tourism Experience

Zero-G flight

Gravity is the only constant force that exists on Earth. Our understanding of gravity in other parts of the solar system is based on how much gravity there is on Earth. Yet not everywhere we do space tourism experience and gravity in the same way. To have space tourism experience varies depending on whether you’re on zero-gravity space flight or on a celestial body like Mars or the moon, which has a third of Earth’s gravity (one-sixth the gravity). Two businesses offer “zero-G” flights to replicate the various levels of gravity.

Several businesses, like American Zero-G and AirZeroG in Europe, modify aircraft and conduct a series of parabolic flights to replicate various gravity forces. The pilots move the aircraft during a flight to imitate Martian gravity, lunar gravity, and zero gravity for space tourism experience. Of course, this isn’t really zero gravity; rather, you’re falling back toward Earth while experiencing weightlessness. But, try not to dwell on that too much because it is unsettling to consider.

Zero-G flights can cost anywhere between $6,700 to $9,500. All year round, flights for space tourism experience are provided to many states and towns.

Spain Mars Visit for space tourism experience

Ever wondered what it’s actually like to live on Mars? That query can be resolved by Astroland. This is a harder mission to complete, as one might anticipate, both mentally and physically. The NASA HI-SEAS program is comparable to Astroland, which caters to a larger tourist base. As the firm that runs Astroland is situated in Spain, more of Europe now have access to space tourism on Earth.

Ares Station, a realistic habitat carved out of a cave to represent one potential Mars colony strategy, is the centerpiece of Astroland.

The idea is that each person will pay for a position on a team, and you’ll then go through rigorous training to establish your function on the team. However, there are currently little specifics available on how to join an Astroland expedition. After that, you’ll spend a predetermined amount of time living and working full-time in Ares Station, where you’ll also undertake research projects and provide information on the psychological effects of living alone.

A month of training at Astroland with a three-day, three-night stay in Ares Station was first reported to cost around 6,000 euros ($7,000).

Visit Space Camp.

There is no place like a space camp if you’d prefer to stay firmly on Earth while still getting a taste of space. Children have gone to space camp near Huntsville, Alabama, for generations, made popular by the family movie “Space Camp” from the 1980s. For both those who attended as children and those who did not, there is also a program for adults.

Adults can learn firsthand about planetary science, orbital mechanics, and past, present, and future NASA missions during the weekend-long Adult Astronaut Training program. All programming at the NASA Marshall Space Flight Center’s U.S. Space & Rocket Center, where the space camp is located, is planned in conjunction with actual NASA missions.

As a result, you can spend time playing the role of an Orion Capsule pilot, operating mission control, or performing a “spacewalk” to repair International Space Station components. Moreover, you can embark on training to become an underwater astronaut before or after your adult space camp!

Space camp costs between $199 and $299 per person, while the undersea program costs $150 per person.

Star City’s Astronaut Training Program

By taking part in astronaut training through a company called Space Adventures, which offers space tourism experiences ranging from watching rocket launches in Kazakhstan to actually launching tourists to the International Space Station, you can follow in the footsteps of real astronauts and cosmonauts.

But let’s return to studying how to become a true astronaut. Outside of Moscow, in Star City, Russia, Space Adventures offers spaceflight training. Participants in the event use a simulator to learn how to control a Russian Soyuz spacecraft, get to practice spacewalking, and ride a centrifuge to better comprehend the gravity forces involved in launch and landing. This event provides a different viewpoint from those on the list because it concentrates on Roscosmos, the Russian space program, rather than NASA.

Pricing for the customized Spaceflight Training offered by Space Adventures is available upon request.

Huston Space Center for space tourism experience

Now visit the well-known space museum close to Houston to take in the Starship Gallery, which is home to numerous flown spacecraft and national treasures, and get a close-up view of artifacts that show the development of space exploration, such as the Apollo 17 Command Module, a full-size Skylab Training module, and a Moon rock you can actually touch. Spending extra money to take the VIP tour of the Johnson Space Center is advised by dark sky expert Valerie Stimac, author of the recently released Lonely Planet book Dark Skies: A Practical Guide to astrotourism, who notes that “the basic tram tour is fun, but the VIP tour takes you much deeper into the workings at Johnson.”

—it’s the best option for people who are already familiar with some of NASA’s ongoing initiatives and want to learn more.

Jet Propulsion Laboratory for space tourism experience

The Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) is a little trickier to get to than the other NASA geek destinations on this list, but individual and group tours are free with advanced reservations. You will witness the “unique research facility that conducts robotic space and Earth science missions” once you are inside. The JPL launched robot missions to investigate planets, comets, and the moon in addition to developing America’s first successful interplanetary spacecraft and first Earth-orbiting satellite.

Space enthusiasts must visit this location in Pasadena, California since the Jet Propulsion Lab was instrumental in ushering in the Space Age. Visits to the Spacecraft Assembly Facility and the Space Flight Operations Facility are included in the tours.

Los Angeles Science Center for space tourism experience

Don’t skip the exterior tank outside at the California Science Center in Los Angeles after you’ve spent time with the Space Shuttle Endeavour, advises Stimac. You can take a peek along the length of the enormous tank to get an idea of the scale required to launch the shuttles, she continues, noting that this is only a temporary structure.


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