Virgin Galactic to send its first sweepstakes winner to space

The contest was organized in collaboration with funding platform Omaze and space for

Humanity, a non-profit organization dedicated to ensuring a more inclusive future for the space.

After Branson and five other group participants completed the agency’s first fully crewed flight test in July, the sweepstakes started. The competition acquired donations from 164,338 people from all the world over for eight weeks.

Announced in July, the sweepstakes noticed the company provide normal humans a chance to earn tickets to the edge of space On Wednesday, Virgin Galactic introduced its first sweepstakes winner that the space tourism agency is sending to space. The winner, Keisha S. (her last name is being withheld by the organization), is a fitness coach from Antigua and Barbuda. She is the first person to visit space from the Caribbean islands and wants to take her daughter, who is studying astrophysics, to the spaceship as a guest.

Guess Who Got Surprised?

Keisha is 44 years old woman, her birthplace is Antigua and she’s also raised in Antigua. She is a fitness and life coach and former flight attendant. She stated she has dreamt of going to space since she became a little girl and is hoping to cross the very last frontier along with her 17-yr-old, a science student living in Britain who goal of sooner or later working for NASA.

She told AFP that she simply thought she was doing an interview but after seeing Richard Branson walking in, she got surprised & started screaming as she couldn’t believe it.

As per her statement she was actually interested in space when she was little. So this is a great opportunity for her to feel alive and experience the greatest adventure of all time.

Shahaf won the prize after raising $170 million after participating in a raffle hosted by Virgin Galactic on the Omaze platform.

The money will be donated to space for Humanity, a non-governmental organization that aims to expand access to space.

The amount he gave was not published, but the entry began with a minimum contribution of 1 to 10.

First Sweepstakes Winner: Keisha Shahaf

Schaff is a health and energy coach who works with women, decided to take a chance, especially after seeing the announcement of the Virgin Atlantic flight, just filled out the application form. She didn’t think that she will really had the answer, she also want to be an inspiring personality for others to live out their dreams.

The record drew about 165,000 members in 8 weeks, Virgin Galactic said in a statement.

On May 11, Sir Richard Branson, founder of Virgin Galactic, Matt Pohlson, CEO and co-founder of Omaze, and Rachel Lyons, executive director of space For Humanity, announced at her home in Antigua that Keisha had won the competition and fulfilled her dream of visiting space.

Lyons said Meeting Keisha and sharing this news with her was his experience that he will cherish for the rest of his life.He added more that her passion for visiting human space and her transformative capacity are a wonderful testament to His mission at space For Humanity. They are very excited to support her training as she prepares for this adventure as they know that Keisha is now part of their community.

Citizen Astronaut Program

The perspective and experience astronauts have received by viewing Earth from space has formed a society in extremely good ways. Space for Humanity’s work leverages the transformational energy of the overview effect to enact tremendous change back in the world. The Citizen Astronaut Program is designed to optimize citizen astronauts physically and psychologically to experience the impact of overview, likely getting them ready to navigate cognitive changes and implement the knowledge acquired in their leadership roles and their personal lives on Earth.

Graduates may be welcomed into the space for the Humanity Overview Cohort community for continuous support, responsibility, and inspiration.

Even as the sweepstakes were free to enter, you can additionally donate to space for Humanity, a charity committed to creating spaceflight more handy, to earn extra entries. Virgin Galactic estimates that it has raised about $ 170 million in its bid for the company’s Citizen Astronaut program.

As the organization said when the sweepstakes was announced, this is how Virgin Galactic got the enthusiasm for their space tourism efforts. At the same time, it was like a time for non-public spaceflight. The concept of winning a ticket to space was not something a person could dream of when a government-funded company was the only one flying into space.


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