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The Billionaire Who Bought SpaceX’s Moon Flight Picks Finalists to Travel with Him

Yusaku Maezawa, a Japanese fashion billionaire, has chosen 20 finalists to go to the moon with him “for free.”

Yusaku Maezawa, the Japanese fashion magnate who signed up to be SpaceX’s first client to go to the moon on board a Starship spaceship in 2023, has been hunting for a few like-minded space enthusiasts to join him on the trip, which will be fully funded. The billionaire has limited the category to only 20 applicants, and the search is currently in the final stages of screening. Maezawa had his eyes on twenty participants after four months and over a million submissions. A selection of candidates was featured in a YouTube video broadcast by Maezawa the same day, stating what they planned to accomplish on the trip.

The finalists represent a diverse spectrum of artistic disciplines, including painters, choreographers, DJs, photographers, and even gold medalists from the Olympics.

About Yusaku Maezawa

Maezawa is the creator of Zozotown, a Japanese fast-fashion retailer. Maezawa, an enthusiastic art collector, narrowed his search to painters. However, the definition is ambiguous. “Aren’t all people who accomplish something creative with their life artists?” If you identify yourself as an artist, you are an artist,” the entrepreneur remarked while announcing the Project dearMoon hunt in March. The 45 years old billionaire claims that he would “pay for the whole voyage,” which means that everyone who joins him will be able to travel for free. Maezawa gained his wealth by launching the fashion retail firm Zozotown, which he sold a shareholding to SoftBank in 2019 and resigned therefrom.

Some Insights Regarding The Crew

The 45 years old billionaire uploaded a video on his YouTube channel on Thursday, July 16 regarding the candidate’s selection for the final process. After getting over a million entries from 249 nations, Maezawa explained in the 5:33 video that they are currently in the final phases of evaluating who would be joining him on his lunar mission.

A ballet dancer with a Ph.D. in Atomic and Laser Physics from Oxford, a Pulitzer-winning photojournalist, an LGBTQ spokesperson for the European Parliament, and others were included in the video he published on his channel on YouTube. It also included Tim Dodd “The Astronaut” and famous DJ Steve Aoki, who explained why they should join Yusaku Maezawa’s 8-person lunar mission.

About dearMoon Mission by SpaceX

The “dearMoon” mission will go to the moon in 3 days, loop around it in orbit for 3 days, and then come back within 3 days (everything will happen in 3 days’ time period). Musk further said that, in addition to being the first private lunar trip, the rocket’s flight path implies it will travel far beyond the Apollo missions. “We intend people to go far on this trip than any person has ever gone from planet Earth,” Musk stated.

Yusaku Maezawa is leading the mission, which is known as dearMoon, and has spent an unknown price to realize his ambition of traveling to the moon. However, we haven’t got much of an idea who he would invite along for the dearMoon project, which he planned to be something like toward a civilian art project till now. Since it was initially announced in 2018, the mission has evolved significantly. Maezawa intended to get artists aboard the Starship and take them on a cycle around Earth’s sole natural satellite with him. However, early this year, he modified the procedure and made spaces available to almost everyone, encouraging “aspiring lunar explorers” to register for a ticket onboard the Starship and then create videos explaining why they would like to go with him.

Interesting Information 

Before the expedition in March 2021, the wealthy entrepreneur had also tried to build a “matchmaking” TV program aimed at finding a girlfriend that will accompany him to the moon. Maezawa dropped the project after receiving a lot of backlashes online. Given Richard Branson’s recent trip to the edge of space in a Virgin Galactic spacecraft and former Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos’ scheduled to launch from Earth, it looks that now is a good time to have gathered enough wealth to leave earth for a bit. However, critics of the so-called “billionaire space race” have labeled the missions “ego ventures” and declared them scientifically pointless. There are still a few years left in Maezawa’s appeal.


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